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To our valued clients, colleagues, and friends, it is with very heavy hearts that we share that on March 26th, 2019, Diamond Hammer’s founder and leader, Chad Spjut, passed away.

As a family-owned business, we have made the difficult decision to close our doors. Diamond Hammer was Chad’s brainchild and passion. We can’t see a path forward without him being involved. As a result, we are no longer accepting new estimates or work requests. Please direct any warranty questions to or send us a message on Facebook.


Chad was highly intelligent, extremely skilled, and very talented. It has been an incredible honor for everyone at Diamond Hammer to have had the opportunity to work alongside Chad and to witness his aptitude and creativity. Chad was a brilliant person who brought joy to those around him and the world certainly does not shine as bright without his presence. At work, Chad was a problem solver and forward thinker. Off work, Chad was always looking for something fun and/or adventurous, but he didn’t do things alone. He was always taking others out for a good time. He was a very loving and giving young man who cared about everyone around him and was always making someone else’s day better! Unfortunately, Chad also had some demons in his brain that would haunt him at times. He fought a private battle to keep those demons at bay but didn’t find the right help in time. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or mental illness, please reach out to those close to you or others who can help. There IS hope! You can overcome any concern!


We are so thankful to our loyal clients and team members for allowing Diamond Hammer to thrive during our time of operation. We send best wishes to all our followers. We welcome your stories, pictures, or comments to memorialize Chad and your experience with Diamond Hammer.


Thank you for your understanding.


The Diamond Hammer Team

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