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BINSR Repairs

Pay at Completion or Pay at Closing

We offer repair services to ensure your home closes on schedule! Just provide us with a copy of the BINSR and Purchase Agreement for your home and we will ensure that all the repairs required by contract are done properly and on-time. We also offer the option to pay after closing for the situations where you won't have the money until you have sold your home.

BINSR Repair, Handyman Services, Rental Property Maintenance, Remodeling

Rental Property Maintenance

On Time, On Budget

Do you have a rental property that needs some repairs? Are you a property management company and need someone to depend on to get all your work orders done in a timely manner? We have ample experience dealing with tenants and repairing common issues that go wrong in a tenant's space. Just give us the tenant's info and we will schedule a time that is best for them and send you a detailed invoice describing what was wrong, what we repaired, and if we believe it could have been caused by tenant neglect.

We are also experts at documenting the home's condition and needed repairs after the tenant's move out. Hire us to do the check out, provide an estimate of repairs, and itemize the invoice accordingly. If the new tenant is moving in the following day, let us provide a pre-move out inspection and get the parts needed for repairs so that we can make all the necessary repairs in that small amount of time you have before the new tenant moves in.

BINSR Repair, Handyman Services, Rental Property Maintenance, Remodeling

Small-Scale Remodeling

Change the look and feel of any room

We are a Minor Home Improvement Contractor, that means we have the experience needed for your small remodeling projects of up to $5000 (parts+materials). We love to do bathroom remodels that typically fall well within this budget, but love doing flooring updates, kitchen back splashes and any other carpentry work you can imagine. Check out our Facebook page for some before and after pics!

BINSR Repair, Handyman Services, Rental Property Maintenance, Remodeling

Handyman Services

Professional & Punctual

We offer a large variety of handyman services and are happy to help you with all your home improvement needs. We are skilled tradesmen in all types of work. We are able to offer services that include drywall repair, appliance install & repair, painting, door install & replacement, flooring repair & install, irrigation install & repair, window blind installation, television mounting, & more. Please see our booking page for some of our most popular services or contact us for more information.

BINSR Repair, Handyman Services, Rental Property Maintenance, Remodeling
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